Charidy Annul Giving Day 2020
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Annual Giving Day FAQs

Our Annual Giving Day is coming up on 11 June. That’s so soon! But, what does it all mean and how can you get involved? Keep reading as we answer your frequently asked questions.

What is JDRF Australia’s Annual Giving Day?

Our Annual Giving Day is a chance for the dedicated type 1 diabetes community to raise vital funds for research. As we all know, research holds the key to unlocking type 1 diabetes. This is the chance to make a HUGE impact on type 1 diabetes research as all donations from you will be matched and doubled!

When does it start?

It begins at 11am AEST on the 11th of June and goes for 24 hours.

Can I donate before 11 June?

Yes! All donations made at will go towards our Annual Giving Day. If you want to donate right now, it will still be counted against our goal amount, you just won’t see it on the page until 11am AEST on the 11th of June. As soon as we’re live, you will see your donation on the page as well as who has matched it.

P.S. You can set yourself a reminder via email or text message on the countdown page.

How are donations being matched?

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with Charidy, a platform that allows gift-matching campaigns for non-profits like us. Every time someone makes a donation at, our pool of generous corporates and individual supporters are able to match it.

Who are the donation matchers?

Corporate organisations and high-profile JDRF supporters make up the majority of the donation matchers. Want to see who they are? Set yourself a reminder and head over to on 11 June to find out.

What amount of my donation is tax deductible?

Your original donation amount, before matching, will be visible in a tax-deductible receipt and emailed to you once it has been confirmed.

Where does my money go?

Funds from our Annual Giving Day will go towards vital T1D research in Australia. This will range from antibody testing to clinical trials and studies about T1D prevention and new technology for easier management.

Ultimately, this money will help turn type 1 diabetes into type none! You can find out more about our ongoing type 1 diabetes research on our research page.

What is Charidy?

Charidy is a gift-matching platform where our Annual Giving Day is being hosted. Charidy empowers everyone to create a better world and have helped more than 5000 non-profits raise money for worthy causes. Find out more at