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The economic cost of type 1 diabetes in Australia

The first report of it's kind in over a decade examining the economic, physical and mental toll delivered by T1D.

The economic cost of

Our report titled “The Economic Cost of Type 1 Diabetes in Australia” was commissioned by JDRF and delivered by Accenture. In a systematic review of the implications of T1D, the report uncovers a condition that is growing, costing more and placing an undue burden on individual patients. Yet, there is hope. We’re also shown the potential impact increasing access to technologies critical to effective care, namely devices such as pumps or continuous glucose meters, can have on the patient’s physical and financial health.

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Want to help out?

Our goal is to ensure that more Australians with T1D can access more technology, so that:

  • Those who have access to technology don’t lose it;
  • Individuals who don’t have access but need it can get it; and,
  • People can choose what is best for them from the broadest possible range of technologies as they continue to change and improve over time.

To do this we need to make access to diabetes technologies in Australia Fairer, Better and Smarter.

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